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Ritual Practice 


She gently unravels universal messages that I might be stubbornly ignoring


Need some guidance?

Tarot and Astrology are some lovely places to start. Step out of your shoes and take a surrealistic approach to your life, see what happens. Try interpreting your waking life as if it is a dream. Tarot and Astrology can help us identify patterns and see what we need to do to evolve in that moment. 


Hannah reads tarot in a  holistic and cyclical way.  Whether you are looking for guidance around business, love, friendship, inner healing, or all of them at the same time. Tarot gives us beautiful insight.  


If you are looking to learn what the stars have in store for you look no further. Astrology is all about Gravity. There is a saying that "gravity is love" and that is a big part of how Hannah reads Astrology. She has been studying the stars for over a decade. Hannah is a Capricorn with a Cancer moon and rising.  Hannah also has a building practice with the astroids and what medicine they have for us.  


  • “Hannah has conducted multiple readings for me on my own life, on a special trip and for my home and each one was deeply insightful, specific and so much more than I could have ever gleaned on my own or from a book I looked up some of my cards later online, and Hannah’s interpretation was so much more specific and attuned. She was very relaxed and laid back but not afraid to throw some knowledge down hard if that’s what the cards said! I will definitely be having readings with her again”
    — IAN  C.
  • “Hannah’s reading was such a gift. Her insight and intuition immediately put me at ease and I felt guided through my reading with such care. Moving across the country at this time is full of so much confusion and it was really nice to find a bit a clarity with and fortification.”
    — RICHARD  P
  • “Hannah is a true gem at translating what the stars and cards have laid down in front of us. She gently unravels universal messages that I might be stubbornly ignoring. Her insight provides direction, confidence and calm.”
    — KYLA  H.
  • “Every reading I have with Hannah always brings new insight to my life. I solely go to her for my readings because time and time again her readings tell the truth of the matter without fail. I’ve not been disappointed, and she works so closely with the spirit of the tarot, that I am certain you won’t be either. Every reading is specially catered. She gives great care to her practice.”
    — RYAN  G.

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Ritual Practice


Finding the Art of Tarot, and the Tarot of Art. 

Images by WIX & Unsplash