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Tarot + Astrology Nerd  

Meet your reader


Hannah lives in the bay area on the stolen Graton Rancheria, Coastal Miwok, Ohlone Native Land. She is a Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon, and Rising,


Hannah Crawford has been reading Tarot for 6 years and studying astrology for over a decade. She received a BFA in Fiber Art from Evergreen State College on stolen Nisqually, Cowlitz, Salish Land. She also studied at the Soul Tarot School under Lindsay Mack.


The Founder of Ritual Practice and   Seasonal Steep. Hannah pulls inspiration from her daily practice, the cards, and her clients. Honoring the healing space between the individual and the universal void.

Hanah is HIGHLY influenced by the poetry of Hafiz and Pablo Neruda, the Dadaist movement, Art Deco, Nature, Contemporary Craft, Eli West, Meghan Shimek, Phoebe Sherman, Weaving, Bobbin Lace, Felting, Sculpture, Musicals, My Guides, My Ancestors, My Body, and the paintings of Oswaldo Guayasamin and Salvador Dali. 


Check Out Seasonal Steep 


Seasonal Steep is an artisanal subscription tea box. Each season focuses on an herb for exploration and comes with:  

  • two oz of tea,

  • two reusable linen tea bags,

  • a silk altar cloth hand-dyed with the seasonal herb and printed with an illustration of the herb.


You will also receive an interdisciplinary audio class to walk you through the herb, using planetary archetypes and tarot archetypes to gain a better understanding of what this plant is here to teach us. The class includes a meditation, and a Tarot spread for you to learn from.